our service areas and focus

We focus on helping our client surface hidden insight and values from their operational data. Our expertise centers around retrieving, storing, transforming, curating and using data. We work with our client to realise their objectives through their data by aligning science and art of making data work.

Information Management

Govern, Retrieve, Transform, Store & Consume Data

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Revenue & Service Enhancement, Operations & Resources Optimisation and Risk Management

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Organisation Transformation

Organisation Culture, Change Management, Skill Transformation & Process Reengineering

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what I am looking for

revenue enhancement

Revenue Enhancement

Know your Customers or Constituents, Understand Behaviors & Targeted Actions


Operations Optimisation

Demand Forecast, Inventory & Resources Optimisation & Process Simplification

Risk mgmt

Risk Management

Non Compliance Detection and Prediction, Events & Behavior Monitoring

who we are

We are the Data People

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how we approach data

“I thought that we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong” — Bono

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About Us

We are The Data People.

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Bill Lee

Managing Director

Valerie Nathan

Executive Director, Lead Information Management