No Organisation should invest in Analytics simply because it is a fashionable thing to do.

At Azendian Solution, we help our clients enhance their revenue, improve customer services, optimise resources and manage risks by leveraging on their investments in digitised data.  We work with our clients to surface insights from their data to understand what is happening, what might happen and what needs to be done to maximise outcome.

Analytics techniques such as forecasting, prediction and prescription by themselves is insufficient to bring about the benefits.  at Azendian Solutions, we have practical experiences across different industries applying analytics in domains such as:

  • Human Capital (attrition prediction, performance management, workforce optimisation, etc)
  • Sales & Marketing (behavior segmentation and profile, propensity modeling, campaign optimisation, marketing optimisation, etc)
  • Finance and operations (sales or demand forecast, inventory optimisation, logistic optimisation, equipment predictive maintenance, contact center analytics, etc)
  • Risk and non-compliance (procurement non-compliance, fraud, event and behavior detection and prediction)