Information Management

Information Management is an approach to data management that recognizes that the value of information changes over time and that it must be managed accordingly.   It is an umbrella term that encompasses all the systems and processes within an organisation for the creation, management and use of data, converting it into actionable information and insights to drive business strategies and gain significant competitive advantages.

Information management, however, involves much more than just technology.   In order for Information Management projects to be successful, a holistic approach which coordinates people and business processes as well as technological innovation, such as Data Governance & Data Architecture, must be addressed.   Furthermore Information management requires the adoption and adherence to guiding principles that include:

  • Information assets are corporate assets and belongs to the organisation.
  • Information must be made available and shared, with proper mechanisms and process to ensure usage is not exploited.
  • Information needs to be managed and retained corporately so that information can be retained and archived easily and yet still made available to the organisation when required.
  • Information management is a corporate responsibility that needs to be addressed and followed from the upper most senior levels of management to the front line worker

Here at Azendian, we help our clients manage their data from disparate sources, make the data available when needed, in the format required and with the best possible quality.   Through the effective use of the right technology, be it a platform or best of breed, we help our clients recognise the value of their data and in their efforts to manage that data across the entire data life cycle.

Our Information Management capabilities & services range from conceptualisation to Implementation and delivery and includes the following:

  1. Data Governance Framework development and implementation
  2. Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Management
  3. Data Architecture & Design
  4. Data Transformation & Integration
  5. Database Management




No Organisation should invest in Analytics simply because it is a fashionable thing to do.

At Azendian Solution, we help our clients enhance their revenue, improve customer services, optimise resources and manage risks by leveraging on their investments in digitised data.  We work with our clients to surface insights from their data to understand what is happening, what might happen and what needs to be done to maximise outcome.

Analytics techniques such as forecasting, prediction and prescription by themselves is insufficient to bring about the benefits.  at Azendian Solutions, we have practical experiences across different industries applying analytics in domains such as:

  • Human Capital (attrition prediction, performance management, workforce optimisation, etc)
  • Sales & Marketing (behavior segmentation and profile, propensity modeling, campaign optimisation, marketing optimisation, etc)
  • Finance and operations (sales or demand forecast, inventory optimisation, logistic optimisation, equipment predictive maintenance, contact center analytics, etc)
  • Risk and non-compliance (procurement non-compliance, fraud, event and behavior detection and prediction)


Organisation Transformation

The objective of analytics projects is to achieve transformation in the way productivity is gained.

Analytics projects achieve one of three business or operations objectives: Revenue Enhancement, Operations Optimisation and Risk Management.  Analytics project cannot be an isolated model building and technology exercise.  When that happens, the project stand a high probability to fail.  Other than the focus on applying analytics method, for example predictive, forecasting or optimisation using structured or unstructured data, Information management and organisation transformation constitute other large aspect of works to ensure a successful implementation.  To manage an analytics project well is therefore to implement the “Science” aspect of the work (software, hardware, modelling techniques, data warehouse, data integration, reporting solutions, etc.) and the “Art” (process, data governance, policies, people, skills, change, etc.) aspect of the work well.

We believe that the objective of a data analytics project cannot be successful if it is a standalone or point solution.  We need to identify how this, and other projects, can be expanded and operationalized across the organization by demonstrating the value of data, analytics, and the potential of data-driven insight together with alignment of process and people in order to realize the full potential of data and their insight. Analytics projects is also a journey where the organization will continue to enhance the model and the process and skills of its people.  Thus an analytics project promotes a continuous improvement culture when done correctly.

At Azendian Solutions, we have experience in process reengineering, skills improvement, governance enhancement and change management.