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We Are

What we do matters.

Among premier data and analytics companies in Asia, Azendian Solutions was started by a group of veteran Data Management and Advanced Analytics consultants. We have since added to our ranks engineers steep in Operation Technology (OT). We have successfully integrated Information Technology (IT) techniques in AI, machine learning and data & analytics with OT, solving complex problems in OT realm with IT techniques. We champion software and application-based solutions as the way to improving productivity and sustainability in the 4.0 digital economy. Azendian contributes to smart city solutions, with a current focus on education and the built environment.

We partner our clients in their digital journey to optimise operations, develop insights for informed decision making and realise cost savings. We do this through applying Machine Learning and A.I. techniques to achieve exponential productivity gains for our customers, with minimal need for substantial investment. All our data science driven products and solutions are designed for non-data science trained users.

Our team is driven to deliver with integrity, ingenuity, and impact.

Our Management

Bill Lee
Group Managing Director

Edmund Lin
Head, Finance and Legal

Cherry Yeung
Group Director, Operations

Koh Liak Huat
General Manager,
Estate Solutions

Aim To:


Contribute to a healthier environment by reducing carbon footprint

Progress every learner to their fullest attainable potential

Enable business users to make informed data-driven decisions