Azendian and Japan’s WingArc1st deepen partnership

Nov 09 2021
Corporate, Partnership

Azendian Holding Pte Ltd (Azendian) has further strengthened its relationship with WingArc1st Inc. (WingArc1st), a market leader in Japan for Business Document Solutions as well as Data Empowerment Solutions with BI (Business Intelligence) tools.

Azendian, a Singapore-grown enterprise, contributes to smart city solutions with a current focus on education and the built environment. Azendian’s Smart City solutions leverage A.I. and data science capabilities to offer real-time resolution capabilities as well as enhance sustainability and productivity in ways not possible before.

Both parties have entered into a capital and business alliance with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the ASEAN region and beyond. WingArc1st will underwrite a convertible note issued by Azendian which will be exchanged into preferred stock in the future.

On the strategic alliance, Mr Bill Lee, Group Managing Director of Azendian, “Our partnership with WingArc1st is important to Azendian’s growth plans as we integrate their solutions into our offerings. WingArc1st’s strong presence in Japan and Asia also helps us in our market expansion and localisation.”

Mr Jun Tanaka, President and CEO of WingArc1st said, “Azendian and WingArc1st have an amazing synergy that I believe will surprise many not only in Singapore but in Japan and beyond. Our commitment to Azendian and to Singapore will continue to be stronger than ever which will form the foundation of our joint success in the years ahead.”

Azendian has been collaborating with WingArc1st since 2019, where WingArc1st has been integrating its software into Azendian’s solutions, and participating in the cross-selling and joint marketing of products. The partners plan to extend their collaboration further, building and developing joint solutions, and strengthening sales in the ASEAN region and beyond. Azendian has plans to grow further afield into Australia and New Zealand, as well as in Japan.