Azendian introduces EdTech AI solutions to Institutes of Higher Learning in Australia

Oct 05 2021
Corporate, Events

Singapore’s leading data analytics companies in EdTech AI solutions, Azendian Solutions (Azendian), enters its new market of Australia with a slew of AI solutions including LiteOn Campus, its very own EdTech AI product.

LiteOn Campus is already implemented in some of the top national universities and all five polytechnics in Singapore. The Azendian solution has helped these key institutions of higher education to successfully reduce student attrition, improve student progression and graduation rate – ultimately, benefitting every learner. The strength of LiteOn Campus lies in its AI-driven engine which uncovers how data is interconnected, dependent, and influenced within a network, and enables a holistic view of factors affecting a student’s progression.

“Education forms the foundation of a meritocratic system which provides everyone in the community access and opportunity to succeed. Azendian’s LiteOn Campus solution enables institutions of higher learning to proactively help every learner progress, through early intervention and a personalised programme for every student, achieving a better outcome,” said Mr Bill Lee, Managing Director of Azendian Solutions.

LiteOn Campus consolidates disparate data that sit in often siloed systems into one central repository and allows a 360-degree view of every student in the institution. The standardised data can then be used to run predictive, forecasting and optimisation algorithms to provide insights and foresights of the student. Actionable interventions are also offered to the administration and teaching faculty, allowing them to enhance teaching and learning efficacy.

“The leaders of our Australian universities recognise the challenges of digitalisation and the new era of virtual learning. To retain competitive edge in the higher education sector of the Asia Pacific region, Australian institutions are accelerating the adoption of practical and scalable AI tools. LiteOn Campus is the perfect fit to pivot data-driven and measurable student success in Australian universities”, said Ms Ekaterina Sejourne, VP International of Azendian Solutions.
Azendian is showcasing the LiteOn Campus solution at the Australia International Education Conference (AIEC) which runs 5 Oct to 8 October 2021.