We provide consulting and system integration services


Data Architecture

Define a set of models, policies, rules or standards to manage how data is collected, stored, arranged and integrated in data systems for better accessibility

Data Integration

Create a unified view of data through combination and transformation of data from disparate sources into meaningful, valuable and trusted information

Data Visualization

Create visualization in the form of charts, graphs, dashboards, etc. to display more valuable and useful set of information

Data Virtualization

Retrieve and manipulate data to deliver a simplified, unified and integrated view of trusted business data in real time or near real time as required by the users


01. Machine Learning

Automate analytical model development with algorithm to learn your data and unlock hidden insight and foresight

02. Predictive Model

Use statistics of data mining and probability to identify what might possibly happen in the future

03. Optimization Model

Use mathematical models to decide and solve constrained business challenges

04. Unstructured Mining

Extract meaningful information to make data mining and analyzing unstructured data more productive


01. Data Governance

Establish framework, processes, standards, policies and procedures to govern  disciplines of master data, metadata, data quality and data security for operationalization

02. Strategy

Outline a 3-year implementation roadmap based on existing data management, organization and technology capabilities assessment and maturity level to support your digital transformation journey

03. Change Management

Define strategies to deal with the transition of restructuring organization, re-engineering business processes and reshaping organization culture and values as a result of digitalization