Azendian Solutions (Azendian), one of Asia’s leading data and AI companies, has appointed Matthew Schultz as Regional Managing Director ANZ to drive the operations and further growth of Azendian in Australia and New Zealand.

Prior to joining Azendian, Matt has held senior management and strategic roles in LandTech and Thomson Reuters. With extensive experience spanning 18 years, Matthew has developed a strong record covering roles as a Product Manager and Proposition Manager, overseeing roadmap development, competitor analysis, market mapping and client-engagement based strategy. He was also a Solicitor before commencing on his tech journey.

On Matthew’s appointment, Bill Lee, Founder and Group Managing Director of Azendian Solutions said, “We are excited about the growth opportunities for Azendian in Australia and New Zealand and to help companies to achieve their sustainability, ESG and productivity ambitions. Matthew’s extensive business network and leadership experience will contribute to our next phase of growth in Australia and New Zealand. I would also like to thank Philip Beniac for spearheading our beach head into Australia and we are grateful that he will continue his contributions as Senior Advisor.”

Azendian Solutions is an Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Operations Technology company with offices in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan. Contributing to building smarter cities, we champion software and application-based solutions to achieve and exceed Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG), sustainability and productivity goals with and for our clients. Our solutions and techniques are in the fore front of the 4.0 digital economy as we partner our clients in their Artificial Intelligence and Data Science journey to enhance revenue and service offerings, optimize operations and manage risks more effectively and efficiently.


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Singapore, 8 November 2022 – Addressing an 80-strong crowd, Bill Lee, Azendian’s Founder & MD presented From Smart to AI in the Built Environment – digitalisation and applying AI in the Built Environment at a joint seminar with Singapore Green Building Council and Keppel Infrastructure Holdings Pte Ltd held on 8 November 2022.

At the over-subscribed seminar, #SGBC members learnt about the innovations and technology towards achieving a low carbon, sustainable future alongside an overview of the strategies employed in Keppel Infrastructure@Changi, which achieved the Green Mark Platinum Positive Energy (GM:2021) accolade in July 2022. As Keppel Infrastructure’s Technology Partner, Azendian elaborated on how its Unified Platform enables real-time data capture to support fault/false detection and predictive maintenance and how a digital twin enables #ACMV equipment to operate optimally with zero human intervention and achieve unparalleled savings and productivity through Machine Learning and Data Driven AI solutions.

Undoubtedly, the “ta-dah” moment of the event was the reveal of Keppel’s Operations Nerve Centre and the tour following where participants had a peek into how Keppel Infrastructure harnesses advanced digital and machine learning technologies for real-time monitoring and energy optimisation of its operations across Singapore and beyond.

Singapore, 13 October 2022 – Azendian Management and its team at Changi extend their heartiest congratulations to Keppel Infrastructure Holdings Pte Ltd as it opens the Keppel Infrastructure @ Changi building, Singapore’s first Green Mark Platinum Positive Energy building under the new and more stringent Green Mark scheme. Azendian is privileged to be Keppel Infrastructure’s Technology Partner, where its Azendian Estate solution with its AI and Machine Learning capabilities also contributed to the energy optimisation and efficiency. The Azendian Solution pulls in data real-time to facilitate monitoring and surveillance and enable fault/false detection and predictive maintenance, while the close loop AI-driven HVAC energy optimisation ensures maximum efficiency.

Keppel Infrastructure @ Changi houses KI’s operations nerve centre, which harnesses advanced digital and machine learning technologies to provide real-time surveillance of KI’s operations across Singapore, around the clock, starting with its district cooling plants.

Ms Cindy Lim, CEO of Keppel Infrastructure, said at the opening, “More than just a green building, Keppel Infrastructure @ Changi serves as a mission critical operation nerve centre for four district cooling plants operated by Keppel DHCS across Singapore. Keppel Infrastructure @ Changi enables us to showcase our Energy-as-a-Service offering and how we are able to harness digital technology, artificial intelligence and IoT for remote operations, predictive maintenance and performance optimisation to enhance the efficiency and reliability of our energy assets and services.”

Ms Lim added, “We would like to thank our partners and stakeholders including the Building and Construction Authority and National Parks Board for their invaluable support in making Keppel Infrastructure @ Changi a success. Over time, we plan to extend the nerve centre’s coverage to our other water, waste treatment and energy plants in Singapore, and then to our operations overseas.”

Singapore, 14 September 2022– Bolstering the Azendian brand, our Estate and Campus solutions will now have their own identities – Azendian Estate and Azendian Campus.

A fresh green for Azendian Estate as our solution help partners and customers achieve sustainability and productivity goals. The earthy ochre for Azendian Campus, reflecting education as the foundation for the future. That curious dot after the flexed estate and campus aptly to convey the definitive value of data in Azendian’s solutions.

12 September 2022, Singapore – A freshly inked MOU will enable Azendian Solutions (Azendian) and AETOS Holdings (AETOS) to tap on Machine Learning-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) for expanded solutions offerings on AETOS‘ 5G Integrated Command Centre’s unified platform. The MOU for the partnership was signed today by Bill Lee, Founder and Group MD of Azendian and Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS.

Offering unparalleled connectivity to diverse brands and types of equipment, the Azendian Estate solution, when integrated onto the AETOS platform, will enable the rapid adoption of cutting-edge digital 4.0 technologies that apply Machine Learning and AI for greater energy optimisation and savings for customers.

The powerful AI platform leverages on gathered data to support algorithms for fault detection, predictive maintenance and power a machine learning digital twin. It is designed to require almost zero human intervention with fully automated workflows and to run tasks in real-time. The combined capabilities will offer dramatic enhancements to productivity and carbon reduction, thereby also facilitating and realising sustainability goals.

“It is a happy marriage of strengths. AETOS and Azendian both appreciate the power of AI for a less resource-intensive and gentler solution towards the environment which at the same time, is a powerful accelerator of more sustainable economic activities. Our partnership brings to the market differentiating capabilities which afford users in this fast-changing digital realm an enduring solution that can stand the test of time,” said Bill Lee, Founder and Group MD of Azendian.

“With the vast amount of data collected daily via our Integrated Command Centre, it is important that meaningful insights can be extracted for our customers. Not only will this help them achieve desired sustainability and operational outcomes, it would enable new business performance through the adoption of digital 4.0 capabilities,” said Mr Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS Holdings. “I am glad to have like-minded partners like Azendian on board this journey with us, creating unprecedented value and scaling impact across different industries.”

Singapore’s leading data analytics company in AI solutions for education,Azendian Solutions (Azendian), is showcasing its proven
Campus solution at EduTECH Australia 2022 to be held over 10-11 August 2022 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Azendian is also Gold Sponsor at EduTECH Australia 2022, which is amongst the largest education events in the world.

Azendian has partnered with over 80% of higher education institutions in Singapore. Its proprietary Azendian Campus solution has helped the higher education institutions to improve student progression,increase graduation rates as well as reduce student attrition – ultimately, bene

“Developed from ground up to address real-world requirements and extensively tested in top higher education institutions in Singapore, the Azendian Campus solution offers a first of its kind data and analytics platform with AI capabilities that enables administrators to stretch the education dollar while progressing every learner. Azendian Campus has enabled the higher education institutions we have partnered to improve student retention, performance and progression.” said Bill Lee, Founder and Managing Director of Azendian. Bill is also a speaker at EduTECH Australia 2022 on the topic, “From Smart to AI –Enabling Higher Education Institutions to progress learners to their fullest attainable potential while optimising institutional resources”.

Azendian Campus consolidates disparate data that sit in often siloed systems into one central repository for a single source of truth and allows a 360-degree view of every student in the institution. The standardised data can then be used to support descriptive, predictive and prescriptive use cases to provide insights and foresights to the administrators on the students. Actionable interventions are also
offered to the administration and teaching faculty, allowing them to enhance curriculum and learning efficiency.

“The Covid pandemic has driven more students to work online and has accelerated the interest applying state-of-the-art AI and Machine Learning capabilities. One such area is a proactive retention strategy whereby enabling early alerts and proactively applying Intervention strategies help support students most at-risk of dropping out or who are not progressing. We are excited to showcase the Azendian Campus Solution at EduTECH 2022. Its proven capabilities help students ful

EduTECH Australia 2022 is expected to draw more than 10,000 education leaders and administrators at Australia’s biggest meeting for the education sector to learn, exchange ideas and network. It is the only event that represents the entire learning lifecycle – from cradle to the grave – including preschool, school, vocational education, higher education, workplace learning, HR skills development and continued adult learning.

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About Azendian Solutions

Azendian Solutions is an Artificial Intelligence, data science solutions and operations technology company headquartered in Singapore. We are the brainchild of a group of veteran Data Management and Advanced Analytics professionals. Azendian contributes to smart city solutions, with a current focus on Education and the Built Environment. We champion software and application-based solutions as the way to improving productivity and sustainability in the 4.0 digital economy as we partner our clients in their digital journeys to optimise operations, make insightful decisions and achieve cost savings.

Azendian Campus is an Enterprise Data Analytics Platform that provides a 360-degree view of each student, allowing higher education institutions to progress students to achieve their individual fullest attainable potential and optimise institutional resources. Built for non-data science trained users,Azendian Campus leverages AI, specifically Machine Learning, coupled with pre-built assets which include
data models, analytics (machine learning) models, and dashboard templates, to help users get more value out of data. With a wide array of modules that cover a student’s lifecycle even to career and life-long learning, higher education institutions can expect to gain recommendations on candidate selection and acceptance, predict student progression and even adopt intervention strategies recommended by the

Singapore, 16 June 2022 – Azendian is the first company to obtain the SGBP certification under the category, Smart Digital Platform.

The SGBP certification scheme advances the built environment to one that is greener and more carbon-efficient while facilitating sustainable procurement. The certification ensures that sustainability is integrated throughout the design and manufacturing process of green building products. The Scheme covers a wide range of products and assesses them based on their sustainability performance.

Environmental and health impacts can occur across a product’s lifecycle, and the SGBP assessment criteria are designed to assess products on their performance over their lifecycle. These cover low environmental impact and quality manufacturing, avoidance of hazardous materials, carbon footprint reporting and reduction pathways, and innovation.

Azendian Solutions Pte Ltd (Azendian Solutions), one of Asia’s leading data and AI companies, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Esther Lee, as its Chief Commercial Officer, with effect from 8 November 2021.

In her new role, Esther will lead Sales, Channels and Marketing to expand Azendian’s market presence. She will be responsible for driving the growth of Azendian’s business in Singapore, regionally and internationally, with a focus on accelerating customer adoption of Azendian’s solutions and services through partnerships and alliances.

Esther comes with extensive experience having been a leader in some of the biggest global technology companies. Prior to joining Azendian Solutions, Esther was with DXC Technology as the ASEAN Analytics Practice General Manager. Before DXC, Esther had also held several leadership positions in IBM. She has led teams locally and regionally, developed brands and channels to provide Analytics, Digital Marketing and eCommerce solutions to both local and global clients.

On Ms Lee’s appointment, Mr Bill Lee, Group Managing Director of Azendian Solutions said, “Bringing her wealth of experience as well as her proven track record in leading high performing regional teams, Esther will add much value and bolster to our team as Azendian Solutions move into new markets and a new growth trajectory.”

Azendian Solutions, a Singapore-grown enterprise, contributes to smart city solutions with a current focus on education and the built environment. Azendian’s Smart City solutions leverage A.I. and data science capabilities to offer real-time resolution capabilities as well as enhance sustainability and productivity in ways not possible before. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Australia, its senior management is equally represented by gender and diverse experience.

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Azendian Holding Pte Ltd (Azendian) has further strengthened its relationship with WingArc1st Inc. (WingArc1st), a market leader in Japan for Business Document Solutions as well as Data Empowerment Solutions with BI (Business Intelligence) tools.

Azendian, a Singapore-grown enterprise, contributes to smart city solutions with a current focus on education and the built environment. Azendian’s Smart City solutions leverage A.I. and data science capabilities to offer real-time resolution capabilities as well as enhance sustainability and productivity in ways not possible before.

Both parties have entered into a capital and business alliance with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the ASEAN region and beyond. WingArc1st will underwrite a convertible note issued by Azendian which will be exchanged into preferred stock in the future.

On the strategic alliance, Mr Bill Lee, Group Managing Director of Azendian, “Our partnership with WingArc1st is important to Azendian’s growth plans as we integrate their solutions into our offerings. WingArc1st’s strong presence in Japan and Asia also helps us in our market expansion and localisation.”

Mr Jun Tanaka, President and CEO of WingArc1st said, “Azendian and WingArc1st have an amazing synergy that I believe will surprise many not only in Singapore but in Japan and beyond. Our commitment to Azendian and to Singapore will continue to be stronger than ever which will form the foundation of our joint success in the years ahead.”

Azendian has been collaborating with WingArc1st since 2019, where WingArc1st has been integrating its software into Azendian’s solutions, and participating in the cross-selling and joint marketing of products. The partners plan to extend their collaboration further, building and developing joint solutions, and strengthening sales in the ASEAN region and beyond. Azendian has plans to grow further afield into Australia and New Zealand, as well as in Japan.

Singapore’s leading data analytics companies in EdTech AI solutions, Azendian Solutions (Azendian), enters its new market of Australia with a slew of AI solutions including LiteOn Campus, its very own EdTech AI product.

LiteOn Campus is already implemented in some of the top national universities and all five polytechnics in Singapore. The Azendian solution has helped these key institutions of higher education to successfully reduce student attrition, improve student progression and graduation rate – ultimately, benefitting every learner. The strength of LiteOn Campus lies in its AI-driven engine which uncovers how data is interconnected, dependent, and influenced within a network, and enables a holistic view of factors affecting a student’s progression.

“Education forms the foundation of a meritocratic system which provides everyone in the community access and opportunity to succeed. Azendian’s LiteOn Campus solution enables institutions of higher learning to proactively help every learner progress, through early intervention and a personalised programme for every student, achieving a better outcome,” said Mr Bill Lee, Managing Director of Azendian Solutions.

LiteOn Campus consolidates disparate data that sit in often siloed systems into one central repository and allows a 360-degree view of every student in the institution. The standardised data can then be used to run predictive, forecasting and optimisation algorithms to provide insights and foresights of the student. Actionable interventions are also offered to the administration and teaching faculty, allowing them to enhance teaching and learning efficacy.

“The leaders of our Australian universities recognise the challenges of digitalisation and the new era of virtual learning. To retain competitive edge in the higher education sector of the Asia Pacific region, Australian institutions are accelerating the adoption of practical and scalable AI tools. LiteOn Campus is the perfect fit to pivot data-driven and measurable student success in Australian universities”, said Ms Ekaterina Sejourne, VP International of Azendian Solutions.
Azendian is showcasing the LiteOn Campus solution at the Australia International Education Conference (AIEC) which runs 5 Oct to 8 October 2021.