Azendian was privileged to host the Mayor of City of Kitakyushu Kazuhisa Takeuchi and his entourage on 3 November 2023 in a showcase of its solutions at the Keppel Operations Nerve Center in Changi. Mayor Takeuchi was accompanied by Mr Jun Tanaka, CEO of WingArc 1st.

Founder & CEO Bill Lee shared on how Azendian Solutions, as Keppel Infrastructure’s Technology Partner, has implemented its Unified Platform solution. The Azendian solution enables real-time data capture to support fault/false detection and predictive maintenance and the digital twin enables ACMV equipment to operate optimally with zero human intervention. The closed-looped solution achieves unparalleled savings and productivity through Machine Learning Driven AI solutions. At the briefing to the Mayor, Wang Zhenglin, Head of Marketing and Partnership, presented Keppel Infrastructure’s offerings in its pursuit of sustainability and ESG goals.       
The highlight of the event was the reveal of Keppel’s Operations Nerve Centre and a tour where the Mayor and entourage was given a demonstration on how Keppel Infrastructure harnesses advanced digital and AI technologies for real-time monitoring, energy optimisation and productivity enhancement of the work force and equipment of its operations across Singapore and beyond.

Partnership and a strong commitment to that spirit is the key to a successful venture together – Azendian’s Founder & CEO Bill Lee shared at the Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) which was held at Sands Expo and Convention Centre from 31 October to 2 November 2023.

He was speaking at the ‘Japan Entry to Kitakyushu session’ at SWITCH which lively and robust session was moderated by Masato Tanakai, Senior Director, Business Development & PR Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Singapore. The panel comprised the honorable Mayor of City of Kitakyushu Kazuhisa Takeuchi and Mr Jun Tanaka, CEO of WingArc 1st.

On why Japan is a key market for Azendian Solutions and how an important project has kicked off with Kitakyushu City – Bill shared that it was impossible to ignore Japan being the world’s third largest economy with large urban communities and strong support came in the form of WingArc !st, Azendian’s investor and partner, who connected Azendian to Kitakyushu City.  Kitakyushu City, strongly committed to being a global sustainable city through green and digital transformation, was willing to sponsor Azendian with a grant but more importantly, its city managers were incredibly supportive and collaborative for the use of Azendian’s energy optimisation solution. The project demonstrates the successful collaboration and partnership between the private and public sectors. At the forum, Kitakyushu Mayor Takeuchi also elaborated on his city’s appeal and advantages, and a variety of initiatives introduced by members of the Kitakyushu’s vibrant eco-system.

12 September 2022, Singapore – A freshly inked MOU will enable Azendian Solutions (Azendian) and AETOS Holdings (AETOS) to tap on Machine Learning-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) for expanded solutions offerings on AETOS‘ 5G Integrated Command Centre’s unified platform. The MOU for the partnership was signed today by Bill Lee, Founder and Group MD of Azendian and Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS.

Offering unparalleled connectivity to diverse brands and types of equipment, the Azendian Estate solution, when integrated onto the AETOS platform, will enable the rapid adoption of cutting-edge digital 4.0 technologies that apply Machine Learning and AI for greater energy optimisation and savings for customers.

The powerful AI platform leverages on gathered data to support algorithms for fault detection, predictive maintenance and power a machine learning digital twin. It is designed to require almost zero human intervention with fully automated workflows and to run tasks in real-time. The combined capabilities will offer dramatic enhancements to productivity and carbon reduction, thereby also facilitating and realising sustainability goals.

“It is a happy marriage of strengths. AETOS and Azendian both appreciate the power of AI for a less resource-intensive and gentler solution towards the environment which at the same time, is a powerful accelerator of more sustainable economic activities. Our partnership brings to the market differentiating capabilities which afford users in this fast-changing digital realm an enduring solution that can stand the test of time,” said Bill Lee, Founder and Group MD of Azendian.

“With the vast amount of data collected daily via our Integrated Command Centre, it is important that meaningful insights can be extracted for our customers. Not only will this help them achieve desired sustainability and operational outcomes, it would enable new business performance through the adoption of digital 4.0 capabilities,” said Mr Alfred Fox, CEO of AETOS Holdings. “I am glad to have like-minded partners like Azendian on board this journey with us, creating unprecedented value and scaling impact across different industries.”

Azendian Holding Pte Ltd (Azendian) has further strengthened its relationship with WingArc1st Inc. (WingArc1st), a market leader in Japan for Business Document Solutions as well as Data Empowerment Solutions with BI (Business Intelligence) tools.

Azendian, a Singapore-grown enterprise, contributes to smart city solutions with a current focus on education and the built environment. Azendian’s Smart City solutions leverage A.I. and data science capabilities to offer real-time resolution capabilities as well as enhance sustainability and productivity in ways not possible before.

Both parties have entered into a capital and business alliance with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the ASEAN region and beyond. WingArc1st will underwrite a convertible note issued by Azendian which will be exchanged into preferred stock in the future.

On the strategic alliance, Mr Bill Lee, Group Managing Director of Azendian, “Our partnership with WingArc1st is important to Azendian’s growth plans as we integrate their solutions into our offerings. WingArc1st’s strong presence in Japan and Asia also helps us in our market expansion and localisation.”

Mr Jun Tanaka, President and CEO of WingArc1st said, “Azendian and WingArc1st have an amazing synergy that I believe will surprise many not only in Singapore but in Japan and beyond. Our commitment to Azendian and to Singapore will continue to be stronger than ever which will form the foundation of our joint success in the years ahead.”

Azendian has been collaborating with WingArc1st since 2019, where WingArc1st has been integrating its software into Azendian’s solutions, and participating in the cross-selling and joint marketing of products. The partners plan to extend their collaboration further, building and developing joint solutions, and strengthening sales in the ASEAN region and beyond. Azendian has plans to grow further afield into Australia and New Zealand, as well as in Japan.

We are happy to announce that Azendian Solutions and WingArc1st Inc. (WingArc1st) have entered a business partnership agreement, with an aim of embedding data products, MotionBoard and Dr.Sum in the deployment of Azendian’s LiteOn solutions to the ASEAN region.

Headquartered in Tokyo, WingArc1st develops and distributes products that manage to hold top market share in Japan for Business Form Infrastructure Solutions as well as the Data Empowerment Business with BI (Business Intelligence) tools

With this business partnership agreement, WingArc1st will be providing their products to be embedded with the core focus on the data visualization functions, in order to further enhance the competitiveness of Azendian Solutions in ASEAN regions. WingArc1st will also be supporting Azendian as a strategic partner with business development in Asia-Pacific including Japan.

Image: LiteOn Estate –Visualize the operating status of the cooling system in Temasek Polytechnic with MotionBoard

“Wingarc1st Inc. develops and distributes products and services that focus around the technology of data utilization primarily in Japan. We are very pleased to collaborate with Singapore-based Azendian, whose strengths lie in data analytics, to further distribute our one-and-only-unique-solution to ASEAN region. Now that we have a strong business bond with Azendian, with whom we share very similar future visions, we would like to see business growth for both parties from now and forward.”

– Jun Tanaka, CEO, WingArc1st Inc.

“Azendian Solutions is based in Singapore and has been expanding across South East Asia. However, Japan and the other developed markets across Asia are also key growth markets for Azendian and we are very excited to have forge a partnership with WingArc1st Inc to support each other in our ambitions across these regions.”

– Bill Lee, Group Manager Director, Azendian Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Bill will also be speaking at updataNOW 20, WingArc1st’s online data event, on the 14th of October 2020. He’ll be introducing Azendian’s LiteOn Education and LiteOn Estate Solutions, bringing AI to these domains.

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