we offer a series of

LightOn solution

to support your 

data analytics initiatives

Information Management

  • Data Modeling


    Analyse, design and build data model to support business processes and make your data more manageable.

  • Data Store


    Develop big data repository to manage and store collections of data for better accessibility.

  • Business Intelligence


    Enable business operations to access and analyse actionable business information for better decision making and performance.

  • Dashboard


    Create visualisation to present more valuable and useful set of information.


  • Machine Learning


    Automate analytical model development with algorithm to learn your data and unlock hidden insights.

  • Predictive Model


    Use statistics of data mining and probability to identify what might possibly happen in the future.

  • Optimisation Model


    Use mathematical models to decide and solve constrained business challenges.

  • Unstructured Mining


    Extract meaningful information to make data mining and analysing unstructured data more productive.


  • Change Management


    Define strategies to deal with the transition of restructuring organisation, re-engineering business processes and reshaping organisation culture and values.

  • Organisation Strategy


    Outline implementation roadmap to achieve your strategic goals or plan.

  • Governance


    Establish processes, standards and procedures to govern the disciplines of master data, metadata, data quality and data security.