SMEs to get ADS grant for Azendian’s HVAC energy optimisation solution

11月 20 2023

The Advanced Digital Solutions (ADS) grant under IMDA is part of Singapore’s Resilience Budget 2020 to support enterprises to deepen digital capabilities, strengthen business continuity measures and drive digital transformation.                                                                                                   

Azendian has been recognised as Project Lead for proposal submission to obtain the ADS grant of up to 70% by IMDA for its HVAC ENERGY OPTIMISATION SOLUTION FOR CHILLER AND AIR SIDE EQUIPMENT.
An ASEAN Energy Award winner, the Azendian HVAC energy optimisation solution is a fully autonomous, closed-looped software and a process & system digital twin strengthened with machine learning and self-learning algorithms. The solution optimises energy use at the Chiller and Air Handling Unit (AHU) equipment, achieving unprecedented energy savings and enhancements in workforce productivity.
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