What we do matters :


For our planet, we develop solutions to contribute to a more sustainable Built Environment.

For our customers, we help achieve their ESG goals and reduce carbon footprint through obtaining greater energy efficiency in their assets and enhancing their workforce productivity.

For the community, our solutions achieve positive environmental and social impact.


At Azendian, this policy helps us to :

  • Integrate sustainability into our solutions and services
  • Steward the use of precious resources in our activities
  • Support and impact meaningfully in the communities and environment in which we operate
  • Realise our contributions to the betterment of future generations


We are guided by the following principles :

  1. In developing a product solution, our R&D team is committed to :
  2. Designing Sustainability and ESG-achieving solutions for non-sustainability trained users.
  3. Designing a solution which relies as far as possible on existing equipment investments for data and avoid need for new sensors and IoTs.
  4. Designing an AI solution which uses machine learning and self-learning algorithms; is data driven and not rule-based.
  5. Designing a closed-loop solution which can be fully autonomous, requiring little to no human intervention.
  6. Extending our offerings to include digital 4.0 and AI solutions which asset owners and operators will need, creating a one-stop shop for asset sustainability transformation.
  7. Compliance with applicable legislation and adoption of appropriate codes of practice.
  8. Integration of sustainability principles and opportunities into our everyday business decisions and activities.
  9. Ensuring that all staff are aware of our Sustainability Policy and embrace its principles.
  10. Regular review of this policy as the business evolves, ensuring it continues to be in line with current best practice.


Putting policy to practice, Azendian is/has :

  1. Located its HQ in a Green Mark Platinum Super Lowe Energy Building, part of the BCA (Building and Construction Authority of Singapore) Braddell Campus who champions key areas in Singapore’s Built Environment Transformation Road Map.
  2. Allowed its operations centre to be part of the ‘living laboratory’ at BCA Braddell Campus, collaborating with NUS and BCA to develop the “work space of the future” with the intent of reducing energy use to more than 60 percent. Azendian’s employees also participate in the initiative by providing feedback and data while working in the special fit-out premises.
  3. Providing assurance with our Smart Estate solution which is the first and only certified enterprise under Singapore Green Building Council’s Smart Digital Platform to help asset owners achieve the Green Mark certification.
  4. Seeking to work with local suppliers and support the local economy whenever possible.
  5. Collaborating with likeminded partners committed to developing innovative approaches to sustainability.