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Fueling Higher Education Innovation: The Power of the Analytics Engine


We invite you to an engaging webinar where we will delve into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its role in revolutionizing higher education operations.

During the webinar, we will introduce our cutting-edge Analytics Engine, powered by AI, which is designed specifically to address the challenges faced by higher education institutions. Our expert will showcase how this innovative solution can effectively streamline and optimize data-driven processes, empowering institutions to harness the full potential of their data and elevate their machine learning operations.

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, institutions grapple with a series of unique challenges related to the recruitment and retention of data scientists, mitigating knowledge loss, and streamlining ML Ops processes. These challenges have a direct impact on the institution’s ability to harness the power of data effectively and optimise their machine learning operations.

Discover how our Analytics Engine can revolutionize the way higher education institutions tackle these challenges.

Here are the key points covered.

  • Addressing the Challenges of Recruiting and Retaining Data Scientists: This will delve into the unique challenges faced by higher education institutions in recruiting and retaining skilled data scientists. We will explore how our analytics engine can create an environment conducive to data science excellence, and fostering long-term engagement with data scientists.
  • Mitigating Knowledge Loss: Knowledge loss poses a significant risk to institutions, especially with the departure of experienced professionals. We will examine the implications of knowledge loss and highlight the capabilities in our Analytics Engine for mitigating this risk. Participants will gain insights into capturing, preserving, and transferring institutional knowledge, ensuring continuity, and promoting organizational growth.
  • Streamlining ML Ops Processes: Managing machine learning operations (ML Ops) can be complex and resource intensive. Participants will learn how our Analytics Engine leverages automation, pre-defined model training templates, and comprehensive model performance monitoring to enhance collaboration between technical and non-technical teams to streamline and maximize the efficiency of ML Ops.

By addressing the difficulties in hiring and retaining data scientists, acknowledging the risks associated with knowledge loss, and highlighting the intricacies of ML Ops, we hope to facilitate meaningful discussions and provide practical strategies for institutions to navigate these challenges successfully. Join us as we explore the path towards empowering data-driven decision-making and driving impactful outcomes in higher education.


Join us on Wednesday 6 September 2023 at

10am ICT (UTC +7)

11am SGT / AWST (UTC +8)

1pm AEST (UTC +10)

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