WingArc1st Inc. is now an Azendian Business Partner

Oct 12 2020
Corporate, Partnership

We are happy to announce that Azendian Solutions and WingArc1st Inc. (WingArc1st) have entered a business partnership agreement, with an aim of embedding data products, MotionBoard and Dr.Sum in the deployment of Azendian’s LiteOn solutions to the ASEAN region.

Headquartered in Tokyo, WingArc1st develops and distributes products that manage to hold top market share in Japan for Business Form Infrastructure Solutions as well as the Data Empowerment Business with BI (Business Intelligence) tools

With this business partnership agreement, WingArc1st will be providing their products to be embedded with the core focus on the data visualization functions, in order to further enhance the competitiveness of Azendian Solutions in ASEAN regions. WingArc1st will also be supporting Azendian as a strategic partner with business development in Asia-Pacific including Japan.

Image: LiteOn Estate –Visualize the operating status of the cooling system in Temasek Polytechnic with MotionBoard

“Wingarc1st Inc. develops and distributes products and services that focus around the technology of data utilization primarily in Japan. We are very pleased to collaborate with Singapore-based Azendian, whose strengths lie in data analytics, to further distribute our one-and-only-unique-solution to ASEAN region. Now that we have a strong business bond with Azendian, with whom we share very similar future visions, we would like to see business growth for both parties from now and forward.”

– Jun Tanaka, CEO, WingArc1st Inc.

“Azendian Solutions is based in Singapore and has been expanding across South East Asia. However, Japan and the other developed markets across Asia are also key growth markets for Azendian and we are very excited to have forge a partnership with WingArc1st Inc to support each other in our ambitions across these regions.”

– Bill Lee, Group Manager Director, Azendian Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Bill will also be speaking at updataNOW 20, WingArc1st’s online data event, on the 14th of October 2020. He’ll be introducing Azendian’s LiteOn Education and LiteOn Estate Solutions, bringing AI to these domains.

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